WP5 (1302, S15)

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Research Remix: Making Sense of Research Findings

This final project is a remix of your research from WP4 in preparation for our Showcase for First-Year Writing Research on May 5 at 1:30 pm. This project is designed to help you reflect on the similarities and differences between visual and textual arguments and to help you revision your research findings for a particular audience for a particular purpose. That is, as you leave ENGW 1302 and head into a variety of research projects in a variety of disciplines, I want you to reflect one final time on how changing your audience affects the reasons and evidence used to support your claims.

Your Goal

Create a visual argument, such as a short video, cartoon, or poster, based either on the findings you explored in WP4 or on what you learned by conducting the research supporting WP4. This project should clearly convey a position, while also drawing on the power of visuals to engage and impact viewers. It is up to you to define your audience (e.g., Facebook friends, fellow biology majors, etc.) for this visual argument; the important point is to keep this chosen audience in mind as you create your visual argument.

You will also write a reflection essay (400-600 words) that explains your decisions in the project.


As you complete this project, it is important that you

  • consider the target audience when crafting your argument;
  • use visual, design, and/or sound elements persuasively;
  • draw on and communicate your knowledge about your (research) topic;
  • apply the rhetorical strategies and appeals discussed in class this semester;
  • create an engaging and effective argument;
  • select and cite sources responsibly; and,
  • reflect on your choices in an informal but persuasive essay.


I would recommend starting the project in a low-tech way. Who is your target audience, and what do you know about their characteristics, beliefs, and values? What do they know about the issue you are discussing—will they be supportive, undecided, or hostile to your position? What form of argument (video, poster, presentation) would best reach this audience, and where do you imagine this argument appearing? What design choices (e.g., font, images, layout) would be effective?

Your goal in the reflection essay is to persuade me (the instructor) that you have made thoughtful choices about how to reach your audience. Keep in mind that I am evaluating you not on your design or software expertise, but on the thinking that went into trying to persuade your target audience. That said, your essay might discuss aspects of your project that you wish you had done differently, as long as you frame them in terms of your persuasive goals.


The project should be made available digitally. If it is a video, for example, first upload it to a site like Youtube or Vimeo, then include the URL in your essay. If you have created a cartoon or poster, you can share it on Google Drive. If you have hand-drawn your project, it should be scanned into a digital file.

As with written papers, proofread your work to minimize typos and grammar errors.

Find a way to cite outside sources responsibly. If you have not created your own images, for example, use captions or include a Works Cited slide at the end of the presentation or reflection essay.