4341 Due Dates

NOTE: These due dates are subject to change, but you will be notified well in advance, and any changes are in your favor (pushed back). I will not make something due sooner than shown below.

Daily Grind Deadlines

In addition to reading quizzes, you will submit 10 Doubting and Believing Responses as part of your Daily Grind work in this course. Remember that you must sign up for these responses yourself in our GDrive folder.

  • Five are required before February 21.
  • Five are required before March 31.

Another required element—your Article Review and Presentation—is due according to the course calendar reading schedule. Again, you sign up for your due date.

Major Writing Project Deadlines

February 11 = Short Paper Due

March 23 = Semester Research Proposal Due

April 11 = Annotated Bibliography Due

April 25 = Semester Research Project Draft Due

May 5 = Self-Assessment Letter + Semester Research Project Revisions Due