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Writing Project 1: Strange Questions

DUE DATE: January 16, 2013

Our goal in class today was quite simple: I wanted you all to get to know one another and have a sense of what I expect of students in our time together. In addition to reading through the syllabus and jotting down any questions you have about it for next time (oh, and reading your homework), you have writing assignments to complete for the week (which we started in class today).

Below are questions that I’d like you to answer as completely and honestly as you can. I want to see what your thoughts are about our major questions and objectives for the semester.

You need to complete these questions by Wednesday, but you shouldn’t spend more than about half an hour responding. The more detail you can include now, the more information you’ll have to work with next time we visit these questions. I’d like at least 75 to 100 words for each question (short little paragraphs).

NOTE: Create a new Document in Google Drive, and make sure you title the new document WP1 Last Name First Name (so, my assignment would be titled WP1 McCracken Moriah). Then, organize your file into our Writing Assignments / WP1 folder. You don’t need to retype the questions, but number your answers. You will also need to bring 1 hard copy to class on Wednesday.

  1. What was the easiest research project you’ve completed for a school requirement. Be sure to describe what you did, why, and for whom.
  2. What is the strangest writing project you have ever attempted? You get to define strange however you’d like.
  3. What is a question you have that really bothers you and that you haven’t been able to answer up to this point in your life? This doesn’t necessarily need to relate to school, but I do need to know why you care about the question and why you don’t have a clear answer.
  4. ENGW 1302 is a class that has been designed to help students “practice analysis and argumentation” and to “research arguments on an issue about which reasonable people disagree.” Describe what you think the purpose of research is in college. You can tell me about anything you’d like, but just make sure you tell me why you think people conduct research.
  5. Now, tell me about the role that you think reading plays in doing research in college.
  6. What specific roles and/or values do you think writing will have in your future? Based on why you think people do research, what do you think you need to learn about writing and research in ENGW 1302? Tell me three (3) specific things you expect to learn in this class.
  7. Now,  tell me three (3) things you can already do that you’d like to do better.
  8. Not thinking about a grade or credit hours, what will success look like for you at the end of the semester? How will you evaluate what you’ve learned over the 15 weeks?

Length? I want your first submission for the class to be long enough to give me a detailed understanding of what you think, how you approached the questions, what you think, etc. That is, you should have more than one sentence for each answer.

Purpose? To get you reflecting day one on your writing before you start worrying about trying to “do what I want.” Also, I want to listen to your language of writing and build out of it rather than forcing a new terminology on you. I’m a negotiator, not a lecturer.

Submission? You should have created a Google Drive account and course folder, which you shared with me. Once you’ve done that, then you should create your document, using my naming criteria, and organize this new document into your folder. Ta-da!