Course Rationale


This category is a catch-all for the labor we’ll put into our class on a daily basis. The goal for this work won’t be to produce writing projects (larger, extended pieces of writing on a single topic). These reading and writing activities, instead, contribute to our scholarly development. These Daily Grind activities give us time to read, to think, to write, to think some more, to change our minds. As collaborators, keeping up with your Daily Grind means more than showing up and putting yourself in a seat. We all have to give ourselves time and set aside some energy to work together. All scholars (and you’re student scholars) give themselves opportunities to practice reading, writing, and asking questions, getting better, self-correcting, and eventually designing processes that work for them. So, this is what we’ll be doing.

The Daily Grind activities required by your class may or may not include all those described below. Each class is different, and as such, each requires a different focus for our work. You should consult your Projects & Points reference sheet (or site) for more details. Generally, the basic Daily Grind work in my classes include, but are not limited to:

Reading Quizzes

At the beginning of class, you can expect a quiz on the reading assigned for that day. On the quiz, I will ask one of the following questions:

1. Describe the most significant idea or concept presented by the reading.
2. Compare this reading to a previous reading assigned in the course.
3. No reading quiz.
4. Write down what you thought was the most important sentence in the reading, including a page number. Explain why you think that sentence is so important.
5. Describe a question or concern you have regarding the reading.
6. Explain your intellectual reaction to the content of the reading.


Classroom activities may be recorded by a student for the personal, educational use of that student or for all students presently enrolled in the class only, and may not be further copied, distributed, published or otherwise used for any other purpose without my express written consent. All students are advised that classroom activities may be taped by students for this purpose.