InDesign Tips

InDesign Tips

These are tips provided by other students in 2329. If you have a quick tip you want included, write it up, email it to me, and we’ll get it posted here.

How do I adjust object corners?

Rectangle Tool (left hand menu bar):

Make a rectangle and place on document
Select the rectangle with the selection tool (left hand menu bar)
Go to the top page menu and select “Object”
Under “object” select “corner options”
Select corner size by adjusting the number
Select corner shape by choosing from menu located next to number

Note: To select different corner options for each corner, click on the button in the very center that resembles a chain link or a paper clip.  This allows you to individual adjust the corner options for each corner.  If this button is NOT pushed, the corners will automatically be the same.  The image to the right of the corner size boxes specifies which corner will be adjusted.

How do I create a table?

Option #1: Use a Text Box

Create a text box.
Right click on the box.
Choose “Text frame options.”
Under the columns section, erase 1 and put however many you want.

Note: columns will be of equal size; text will follow into next column

Option #2: Insert a Table

Make a text box and place it.
Select the “tables” menu at the top of the page.
Select “insert table.”
Select the numbers of rows and columns.
The table should appear in your text box.
Select the table with the text tool.
Select the “tables” menu at the top of the page.
Select “table options.”
Select “table set up.”
Adjust specifics accordingly.

Note: cursor must be in text option (on the left hand menu bar) to insert a table.

How do I ignore text wrap?

If you have a document that you want the main text to text wrap, but not specific elements this is really useful. Follow these steps:

1. Go to window
2. Click text wrap
3. Choose the type of text wrapping you prefer
4. Select the box or boxes that you do not want to abide by the text wrap
5. Go to object
6. Click on text frame options
7. Check the box that says ignore text wrap
8. Click okay

How do I paste in place?

For consistency among pages, you can copy something on one page, and then paste it on another page in the same spot using the paste in place feature. All you need to do is follow these easy steps:

1. Go to edit and then click copy (like in a normal copy and paste).

2. Go back to the drop down edit, and click paste in place (your object will now be placed in the same space it is on the other page).

3. If you want, you can use the shortcut key, which is option + shift + command + v.